Logo, Branding and Visual Communication for tasc — a company dedicated to climate mitigation.

Brief: The company wanted us to work on their branding which was nonexistent at this point. With a blank sheet of paper and one wish from the clients side—namely that a tree should form the center of the brand—we got to work. From the very beginning two things seemed important: We wanted to create a brand that is simple to design for and speaks to both western and southern audiences. It made sense for us to create a minimalist yet compelling visual anchor with the "t" as tree and use striking, unique and popping colors—which are often preferred in southern economies. A simple UI guide was created to guide designers all over the world to create various products from brochures to shirts and hats to websites and cards and yes—company vehicles.

Client: TASC Ltd. – www.tasc.je
Year: 2020
Services: Art direction, illustration, branding, layout and graphic design, web design

Design and Illustration: Pauline de Langre, Michael Berger – K-tiv.com
Photography: Jason Mulikita, Lusaka – jasonmulikita.com

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