Editorial Design for Impact Report

Art direction, layout and graphic design, illustration and data visualisation for the Impact report 2020.

Brief: The client asked us to create an impact report for a global audience that stands out visually by being less corporate than these tend to be. We stayed in the same graphic line we developed for the Impact reports 2018 and 2019 for the client, while pushing the brush effect and diagonal design further. Numbers, graphs and diagrams were developed in to appealing data visualisation elements that carry the design spirit without loosing their informative character. A darker blue from the brand color palette was used to signify trustworthiness while the yellow, mostly used in bold brushstrokes, picks up the optimistic and forward looking nature of such an impact report. 

Client: Impact Hub GmbH, Vienna
Year: 2020
Design and data visualisation: Pauline de Langre, Michael Berger (K-tiv.com)​​​​​​​
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