Visualisation for Social Innovation

Brief: Impact Hub Berlin is the home for social entrepreneurship in the German capital. Already creating thriving innovation ecosystem at the interface of sustainability and technology, they are now ready to scale their social innovation approach by establishing Berlin as a global Social Innovation Lighthouse to empower this New Generation of Entrepreneurs.
We worked together with the team to visualise the collaboration, the diversity and the growing success of this exciting project. We created and defined a visual language, which we brought to life in their first communication brochure: "Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship".
Client: Impact Hub Berlin (Germany)
Year: 2019
Services: Art direction, illustration, layout and graphic design, copywriting in English, print pre-production.
Design and Illustration: Pauline de Langre, Michael Berger (
Text editing: Joe Dodgshun (
Design process:
Technology and Sustainable development are challenging to visualise in a simple & combined way. We chose simple shapes, one consistent angle and natural colours to evoke the growth, the playfulness, the human-driven success of the Social Innovation Lighthouse. 
With these bold new visual language, the team created a powerful and eye-catching brochure to communicate about the vision. 
These giant colourful volumes interacting with each others defined the setting of the Social Innovation Lighthouse. The discreet white square brings stability and guidance through the layout. 
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