Visual communication and storytelling for the sustainability report of a german chocolate factory

Brief: The aim was to uncover great stories from a company that already had a very comprehensive understanding of sustainability and a wide arrange of projects and achieved improvements. It was our job to bring these stories together in one report that is easy to understand and pleasing to read. While we were asked to keep the company's CI more or less intact, we added our own hand-made illustrations of cocoa trees and cocoa fruits to give it a more sustainable and elegant look. 

Client: Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Year: 2019
Services: Art direction, illustration, copywriting in German and English, layout and graphic design, print pre-production and photography.

Design and Illustration: Pauline de Langre, Michael Berger (
Photography: Michael Berger (
Storytelling: Joe Dodgshun (, Juliane Wernhard


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