Eric & Thierry Stocker are two masters of lacquer and textures crafts, using natural lacquers and gilding technique. They perpetually seek innovative ways of creation, to produce some of the most brilliant handicraft and decorative items found in Asia.

Brief: They needed a visual identity which reflects the high-end quality of their unique and superb handicraft.
Year: 2013
I considered that the incredibly rich visual universe of the Stocker brothers was powerful enough to not add any other graphic elements made by me to it. I choose one of the emblem of their work - the golden leaf - to work from. The logo is one if this leaf, which I also used to introduce their infinite research of natural textures.

They also needed professional photos to showcase their work. I worked with a photographer partner who could capture the subtle mix of textures as sand, gold, gems, eggshell and many more.
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